Atlas GTA White Ready Mixed Plaster 18kg



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ATLAS GTA is produced as a mass based on resin binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives. Perfectly white, perfectly smooth – selected snow-white mineral fillers of optimum grain size enable a very smooth surface without corrections. Optimum consistency for application and profiling – special selected rheological parameters allow easy application with a trowel, roller and aggregate; the smoothness profiles perfectly, allows obtaining a smooth surface from the first stroke. Quick roller application – unique consistency and extended open time allow comfortable application with a roller in a short time; the smoothness distributes evenly and does not splash. Durable elastic polymer bonds ensure high adhesion and resistance to cracking of trowelled surfaces.

Product type: Smoothing compound
Consumption per m2 per mm thickness (in kg): 1 kg
Maximum layer thickness (in mm): 3
Sanding type: Easy
Quick setting: Yes
Product use time (in h): 6
Drying time between 2 coats (in h): 6
Approximate maximum setting time (in h): 6
Grace period before use (in days): 1
Minimum time before finishing work (in days): 1
Suitable for cellular concrete: No
Type of effect: Smooth
Colour: White
Recommendations for use:
Smoothing – on wall and ceiling surfaces, indoors.”

Weight 18.0 kg