ZW-04 Levelling Mortar 5kg, CEKOL



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– Layer thickness 3 to 50 mm
– For typical and heated surfaces
– High strength
– Frost and water resistant

CEKOL ZW-04 is a mortar for filling in defects and levelling surfaces of walls and floors. CEKOL ZW-04 is also used as a material for making floor underlay. The use of CEKOL ZW-04 mortar as an underlay reduces the consumption of adhesive mortars and self-levelling screeds in renovation and finishing works. Mortars e.g. CEKOL PC-80 or CEKOL WB-80 can also be used for making floorings. CEKOL ZW-04 can be used with underfloor heating systems.
CEKOL ZW-04 is a factory-made dry mixture of cement, mineral fillers, aggregate and modifying additives. The maximum grain size is 3 mm. It is a frost and waterproof mortar for use inside and outside buildings. CEKOL ZW-04 is an efficient, easy and convenient to use, absolutely harmless product.
The substrate should be clean, compact, load-bearing and free from grease. Paint, loose sand and plaster grains and any layers not permanently bonded to the substrate should be removed. Prime the substrate with CEKOL DL-80. CEKOL ZW-04 levelling mortar is to be used on substrates made of brick masonry, concrete or aerated concrete. In case of old concrete which is difficult to repair, it can be used together with CEKOL T-60-A repair mortar (use CEKOL T-60-A according to the instructions).
Pour the contents of the package into cold water in the proportion of 0.16 to 0.18 litres of water per 1 kg of dry powder and mix thoroughly, preferably using a mechanical mixer. The powder should be poured into the water. The mortar is suitable for use immediately after mixing and retains its properties for 2 hours. If the mortar thickens during this time, stir it again vigorously without adding water. Apply the mortar on the prepared and primed substrate with a trowel or smooth steel float. A thickness of up to approx. 50 mm can be applied at a time. Protect the mortar from drying too fast. The fresh mortar requires the care typical of cement mortars. The laying of tiles can be commenced after approx. 48 hours. Floor coverings, flooring, parquet, panels can be laid after drying to a humidity of 2%.
Store in dry rooms in original packaging.

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