Krono. Osb Board 8Mm 1.25*2500 mm



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OSB-3 8mm by Swiss Krono with straight edges. The board structure is ideal for roof sheathing, external and internal walls, floors, ceilings, I-beams. Swiss Krono OSB-3 is also a revolutionary step towards timber frame construction. Houses built in timber frame technology using OSB-3 are: environmentally friendly, energy efficient and fast to build. The high technical parameters of Swiss Krono OSB-3 are due to the preservation of the wood’s fibrousness, the alignment of flat chips in layers and the interlocking of long chips. By spraying the chips with a special glue system and paraffin emulsion, a high resistance of the board to atmospheric influences is achieved. Swiss Krono OSB-3 is free of humps, cracks and other internal defects, and both surfaces show equal quality. Thanks to modern technology, the board achieves parameters comparable to plywood, while being significantly cheaper.

Material: Wood chips
Thickness (in mm): 8
Width (in cm): 125
Length (in cm): 250
Density (in kg/m3): 630
Wood species: Hardwood
Weight (in kg): 16.6
Area (in m2): 3.125
Warranty (in years): 2

Weight17.0 kg