Knauf Uniflott Plasterboard Jointing Compound 5kg



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Knauf Uniflott is a free flowing, ready-mixed mortar on a
based on special gypsum (ALFA gypsum),
enriched with suitable additives.
The composition of the mix allows, after mixing with water, to
water to produce a flexible mortar with the consistency of
cream consistency, which significantly facilitates filling.
The mass has high adhesion to the substrate,
shows a rapid increase in strength during
dries quickly, and is easy to sand.
It is designed for manual mudding of
joints of – gypsum plasterboards or composite panels with
with HRK (semi-rounded) edges,
HRAK (semi-circular flattened),
AFK (flattened truncated) without tape
cardboard-covered edges with reinforcement tape
– Knauf acoustic boards (perforated gypsum boards)
cut at an angle – for fibre-reinforced gypsum boards
– Knauf Brio dry screed panels – Knauf Dual Screed panels
Knauf Dual Floor

Weight 5.0 kg